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Leadership Opportunities 

It is hoped that all Sixth Form pupils will play an active role in the leadership of the school community, both through formal opportunities, such as leading societies, and through acting as positive role models to younger pupils.  

Society Leadership 

Leaders of the Sixth Form-led societies are appointed before GCSEs in Year 11 and take office as they start Lower Six. Society leaders have a great deal of freedom and support in arranging events for these well-established societies. We always welcome ideas about establishing new societies as well.  

Prefects and Ambassadors  

Prefect appointments are made in the spring term of Lower Sixth, with interested pupils submitting a formal application. Staff and Lower Sixth pupils are both involved in the choice of Prefects. A list of available Prefect roles and the school’s full policy on leadership will be made available at the start of the process for each Lower Sixth cohort. 

The Ambassador roles are advertised and organised once prefect selection is complete. 

House Families 

All pupils across the school belong to House families, and the Sixth Form take a particular lead in welcoming and supporting younger pupils within the House.  


The Admissions Team is grateful to members of the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth who act as guides in study periods to show around prospective families. Mrs Cox will organise a rota, and pupils will guide in pairs. Each tour lasts around 20 minutes. As well as being a great way for families to get to know the school from the pupil perspective, this is excellent experience for the guides and counts towards the King’s High Baccalaureate. 


Lower Sixth pupils offer great assistance with duties in the main school building at key times of day. 

There are three different types of duties to support staff with 

  • Red corridor – helping with the lunch queue [lunchtime] 

  • Smith St/Priory/Chapel OR St Mary’s/Science – check that students are not inside the building unless they are in a club, on their way to lunch or need to visit the toilet (on their own) [break and lunch] 

  • To sit with Year 7-11 forms on Wednesday mornings from 8.25am-8.40am

In the autumn term, Lower Sixth will be asked whether they would like to sign up for one or more of these duties. There is no expectation for all pupils to take on duties, though it will of course be good experience for pupils aspiring to leadership roles.