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Higher Education and Careers


At King’s, we want every student to aim high, be ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. It is an exciting time to be looking ahead to life beyond school. The broader landscape for post-A Level options has changed a lot in recent years, with greater focus on international universities and degree apprenticeships in addition to applications to UK institutions. 

Over the course of Sixth Form, therefore, pupils will work closely with our fantastic team of specialist staff at King’s High, who are on hand to support and guide everyone with their individual plans. The PSHEE and Your Future courses include key elements on careers and higher eduction. 

Our Higher Education evening in January of Lower Sixth is the formal start of the process, whereby every student explores and selects the courses, universities and other post-A Level options that inspire them. Mock interviews are offered to all Lower Sixth pupils in the summer term, and pupils who sign themselves up to the AIP (assessments and interview pathway) will be supported as necessary for the particular requirements of that pathway.  

UCAS predictions will be made after the summer exams in Lower Sixth, taking into account all the available data on each pupil’s performance and likely outcome. We aim to be supportive yet realistic with these predictions, understanding that they will be central to decision-making around post-A Level options.  

Pupils are always welcome to make contact directly with the HE team (Mrs Coplestone-Crow, Mr Wood, Mrs Milsom and Dr Mills) and the Futures team (Ms Gilbert and Ms Ostrander).