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Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds is a powerful educational vision for our pupils which combines the very highest standards of single-sex education in the classroom with extensive opportunities for girls and boys across the Foundation to collaborate and work together throughout their school journey. 

Traditionally, educational debates about gender have polarised into two camps: one that champions the unique benefits of bespoke single-sex education which enables greater freedoms away from the narrowing effects of gender stereotypes; and the other which argues for the benefits of co-education as a more natural way to educate children which is more closely replicated in the ‘real world’.  

A number of alternative models have developed over time, from the diamond structure of schooling adopted by some educational Foundations to the ‘girls in the sixth form only’ model adopted by a number of public schools including Westminster and Charterhouse. 

The Best of Both Worlds is an innovative model developed within the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation which embeds co-educational endeavour throughout the school experience of our students, culminating in our superb shared sixth form, where lessons remain single sex, but boys and girls across King’s High and Warwick School share the same bespoke social space. 

Our superb Friday Afternoon Activities Programme provides the opportunity for every King’s High and Warwick School pupil in Year 10 and above to participate in a range of varied and valuable co-curricular activities in a co-educational setting. Students in Year 9 upwards are offered the opportunity to take part in the Combined Cadet Force, run in conjunction with Warwick School.  

Alongside a fantastic range of collaborative opportunities in music and drama, with joint productions, ensembles and orchestras, the Best of Both Worlds provides a unique and exciting new educational vision for our students on our shared campus. 

King's High and Warwick School students performing in Les Miserables. 

Our state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre