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King's Bees

Beekeeping is just one of over 150 co-curricular clubs and activities at King's High designed to discover gifts and talents, develop interests and passions, and promote health and wellbeing.

Our Beekeeping Club was formed in 2021, with support and training from the Warwick & Leamington Beekeeping Association (part of the Warwickshire Beekeepers' Association and affiliated to the British Beekeepers' Association), and expertise from a good number of our experienced students too. 

Our pupils sowed a wildflower meadow in Forest School and wildflower corridor along Banbury Road to help bees and other pollinating insects. Bees bring many positive benefits. In addition to their huge importance as pollinators, they are also tremendously beneficial for our sense of wellbeing, as we enjoy time outside caring for them.

Our students have taken a hands-on approach throughout the entire process, from building our four hives in DT, learning how best to safely handle our frames, and checking our beekeeping suits were sealed.

The apiary, situated in our leafy Forest School, was named The Paul Kerr Apiary, in recognition and memory of Paul Kerr, who worked closely with us to set up the Beekeeping Society and whose family has kindly gifted King’s High with some of Paul’s bees.

Younger eyes have proved invaluable when finding the queen amongst her thousands of workers and we were excited to mark two queens during the summer holidays at the time. There was initial excitement too when the opportunity arose after just a few weeks to catch a swarm and, although our visitors sadly moved on shortly afterwards, we all had a real sense of accomplishment at having taken on the task.

It has been wonderful to see the confidence of all our beekeepers grow as they participate in both practical and theory lessons and we cared for our hives over the winter – fondant was even provided from our Catering Department.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in setting up the Beekeeping Society, from our Environmental Action Today club, to the King's Geography club and our Wildlife Conservation and Sustainability Society; three of the wonderful environmental awareness groups at King’s High.