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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

An EPQ is an enriching, individual, self-directed project which our girls can elect to do alongside their three A Level subjects. The work for this highly valued qualification begins during the Sixth Form Induction week, held in the July before Lower Sixth.

The EPQ research process is supported in the following ways:

  • Allocation of a subject supervisor with university style ‘tutorial’ sessions
  • A research skills day at Birmingham Library
  • A research weekend at Newham College Library, Cambridge, which also provides valuable insights into a world class university experience.

The EPQ allows each student to become immersed in her self-directed project. We encourage creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to A Level subjects, but should look beyond the specification. The EPQ may take one of many forms, including a research-based written report, a production, or an artefact.

Sample EPQ Projects

How far did China and Vietnam influence the Khmer Rouge’s domination in Cambodia?

To what extent can the existing and future problems of detecting doping in sport be solved using analytical chemistry?

To what extent does greed motivate white-collar crime?

Our residential research weekend at Newnham College, Cambridge includes:

• Admissions talk from the Admissions Tutor

• Research and study time in Newnham Library

• Presentations on EPQ topics

• Tours of Cambridge

• Free time to explore the city


Why take the EPQ?

The EPQ will not only help you with self-directed study and further prepare you for university life, it will also help make your university application stand out to potential universities you may wish to attend. 

For more information please email Dr Seal