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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment - 'Inspire'

At King’s we want all students to grow as independent thinkers who relish new challenges and have wide horizons for their learning. It is our aim to encourage every student to be confident about producing creative scholarship that reflects her own unique interests and questions about the world.

Within the classroom, teachers at King’s seek to provide high-level teaching and learning that inspires all students, including the gifted and talented. Thought-provoking extension work, open-ended questions that stimulate link-making and critical ideas and creative problem solving, are all part of the teaching toolkit at King’s.

Inspire Academic Enrichment Programme

Inspire now enters its seventh year and continues to grow. As ever, the aim of Inspire is to enrich our pupils’ academic learning and to encourage them to grow as independent, creative thinkers who are curious about the world around them. In this brochure you will find a snapshot of some of the clubs, societies and events that pupils across the year groups will have access to during the Spring Term.

Whether it be a KS3 Inspire trip, a King’s Links visit to a top university, an outing to the theatre as part of our RSC Shadowing Programme, or one of the many talks, competitions or events, our aim is to provide exciting, memorable and meaningful learning both within and beyond the classroom.

I hope that these pages create a sense of the vibrant enrichment that helps to shape the experience of all pupils at King’s. We encourage each and every one of our students to find something that appeals to them, get involved, and have a spark of interest kindled.

Dr P Seal

Deputy Head (Academic)