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WSF Global Universities Programme


The WSF Global Universities Programme helps students across the Foundation with information and application support for university degree programmes outside the UCAS process. James Mills, our Foundation International University Counsellor, works with interested students and families to offer guidance throughout the process and to develop a personalised approach to explore global pathways to help students find their 'best fit' options for the next steps in their growth.

Scroll through the pages here to begin your journey. The content is regularly updated, so check in often.

If you are on the Myton Campus, drop by the Global Universities Office in the Sixth Form Centre or email Dr. Mills to set up a time to discuss your interests and to explore the outstanding options available.

Talk and Q & A with David Hawkins, Founder of The University Guys, for all interested Y11-13 students

Wednesday, 20 Mar. 13:10-14:00, The Hall, King's High, Myton Campus

Recent talk slides - What is different about global universities and the UK?  Download and read these slides from Y11 and 12 talks at Warwick and Kingsley to find out.


Higher Education Evenings Talks slides

King's High-31 January @ 19:15 and 19:45, STM3

Warwick School-1 February @ 19:00 and 19:30, SFC

Kingsley School-22 February @ 18:00, Sixth Form Building

General Guidance

Because of the size and scale and vast differences of US universities and colleges (yep, those terms really mean different things, even if used interchangeably by Americans!), taking the first steps to looking for the best fit can be daunting!  Here are some great tools to help start the search to find your best fit in the States!

US - Large Universities

'Larger' universities in the United States usually offer bachelors, masters, doctoral and professional degrees, can be both private or 'state' (as in US state) funded institutions, and range in size from roughly 8,000 (like Villanova in Pennsylvania) to nearly 75,000 (like Texas A&M).  They can be in a single location with one administration or part of a wider state-governed system in multiple locations, like the University of California, which has campuses in Berkeley (Cal), Los Angles (UCLA), etc. They tend to have extensive research facilities, have a wide range of 'major' courses of study and a greater number of social, athletic and cultural activities given their size, but this is not always the case and bigger does not always mean better. As ever, it requires closer investigation to match your interest to what is on offer.

Australia and New Zealand


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