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King's Baccalaureate

We offer a unique qualification, accredited by EduQual: the King’s High Baccalaureate. This exciting opportunity recognises and develops a wide variety of valuable skills which are highly sought after by universities and future employers. The Baccalaureate was largely inspired by the breadth and depth of our girls’ achievements, and is at the heart of our Sixth Form, sitting alongside our A Level provision. The Baccalaureate is awarded at two levels: Blue and Jade, tailored to allow girls to specialise and develop at their own pace and the girls can base this around activities in which they are currently already engaged.

It offers a true foundation for the world beyond King’s, both at university and in the future work place, and gives a varied experience as well as being a great deal of fun.

The two levels of Blue and Jade are determined by the depth of achievement across the eight elements.

The eight elements to this qualification are:

Academic Scholarship • Communication Skills • Cultural Pursuits • Knowledge for the Work Place • Leadership • Personal Development • Physical Endeavour • Services to Others

I developed leadership skills and before I didn't think of myself as a leader

Sixth Former

The Baccalaureate encouraged me to try things I never would have before and it is well regarded by universities

Sixth Former

I have developed my communication skills, as I spend a lot of time tutoring younger girls and also volunteering at Warwick Hospital. This increased my confidence with talking to people I didn't know

Sixth Former

It encouraged me to think outside of my comfort zone

Sixth Former