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Further Mathematics

What will I learn?

Further Mathematics is an additional A Level qualification taken alongside A Level Mathematics. It is designed to stretch and challenge able mathematicians, introducing new techniques and concepts such as complex numbers and matrices.

According to the Further Mathematics network, studying Further Mathematics will:

  • Develop areas of the brain untouched by other subjects
  • Make standard topics seem easier
  • Provide a stimulating experience, taking you beyond the standard A Level
  • Probably mean you will end up being more successful
Who should choose Further Mathematics?

Anyone deciding to study Mathematics at this level should have a real love of the subject and feel confident in their mathematical ability. If you plan to study for a degree in a Mathematics-rich subject area such as Engineering, Science, Computing, Economics or Mathematics itself, then Further Mathematics will be either essential or put you at a distinct advantage.

What other subjects go well with Further Mathematics?

A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics can be taken with any combination of A Levels. The extra Mathematics has been shown to boost students’ A Level Mathematics grades.

Course details

You will finish your Mathematics A Level by the end of Lower Sixth. (For details on the content of this course, please refer to the Mathematics section of this prospectus). In Upper Sixth, you will be prepared for two papers in Pure Mathematics and (most likely) one paper in Further Mechanics and one in Further Statistics.

The following topics of Pure Mathematics will be covered:

  • Proof
  • Complex numbers
  • Matrices
  • Further algebra and functions
  • Further calculus
  • Further vectors
  • Polar coordinates
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Differential equations
Beyond the classroom

In the autumn term, we take Lower Sixth to the Mathematics Inspiration talks – an opportunity to hear some of the world’s leading mathematicians speak on how they use the skills that you will be developing should you embark on the course. There are opportunities to represent the school in the Senior Team Challenge and your help is always appreciated to help younger pupils during Maths Workshop or as a mentor. You will also be given the opportunity to perform some independent research on an area of Mathematics that interests you and possibly present your findings to your peers.

For further information, please contact Mr Wild:

"Results in A Level examinations and standardised measures of progress indicate that pupils make excellent progress by the time they leave the school compared to the average for pupils of similar abilities." Emma, Sixth Former