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Davina - Head of House

The class sizes at King's in the Sixth Form are relatively small starting at around six students to nine in a class. This allows the student to get more direct one to one help from their teacher and also means that the teachers have a more intimate knowledge of the student allowing them to write the best references possible when it comes to applying to university. There is a wonderful array of clubs and extra-curricular activities available here in which you can partake. These activities can help you make friends with students in different year groups. I found that participating in drama club and productions has allowed me to have some really amazing friends in the years below. In the Sixth Form we have lots of support from our teachers when it comes to your UCAS application and writing your personal statement. We have our own personal statement tutors who will meet with you one on one and take you through your personal statement and help you to make it the best that it can be and I personally have found this to be very beneficial.

At King’s we were fortunate enough to be involved in a live radio link up with the International Space Station. This was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in the joint senior school play with the boys' school of ‘Les Misérables’ and am currently rehearsing for our next play ‘A Laughing Matter’. Additionally, attending a dancing and physical theatre session offered by the school called Altiora every week is another one of the amazing opportunities that I have experienced at King’s. I also found that if you are not sure of what you want to do after Sixth Form, King’s give you so many opportunities to go to talks given by people qualified in their professions and bestow some insight into what it is they do.

I would honestly say that King’s is one of the most welcoming and open schools regarding new students. As a new student into the Sixth Form I was treated with kindness and made aware that there is always someone available to offer you pastoral and educational support when you need it. I would also say moving to a new school or up a year into Sixth Form can be daunting but there is no need to be worried or scared as we aim to help everyone achieve their full potential. I am hoping to study medicine at university and look forward to seeing what the future will hold!