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Gillian Burn - 'Old Girl'


 Gillian is an Author and Wellbeing Practitioner. 


 “Kings High provided the foundation for a varied and exciting career pathway.  It gave me the confidence to go for my dreams, even though I may not have achieved the highest grades during my school days!  After qualifying as a midwife, I dreamed of working in the outback and travelled to Australia where I was able to pursue an amazing adventure with the Flying Doctor service working then in remote areas of the Australian outback and with Aborigines.  That time sparked my interest in health promotion and wellbeing.  When I returned to the UK, it was a challenge to find the same excitement and thrill from my work. I spent 12 enjoyable years with BUPA working in health promotion and wellness for some major companies encouraging wellness at work, before moving into the field of personal development training for organisations nationwide.  I sent up my own company, Health Circles when I left BUPA and have since run training programmes throughout the country and overseas on speed reading, mind mapping, creativity, energy and wellbeing, time management etc.  Alongside my corporate work, I trained in Pilates exercise and now combine both business under the umbrella of creating a healthy mind and body.   My writing projects have again been varied from writing Motivation for Dummies and two successful pocketbooks on Energy and Wellbeing and The NLP Pocketbook on communication skills.  Last year I published my first Ebook on Wellbeing at Work.

I get a great deal of satisfaction in seeing someone learn a new skill or manage to move their body in a way they didn’t thing they were able to.   My focus on good health has remained key professionally and personally and helped me have my children much later in the life than my school colleagues! 

Some 40+ years later I still have a strong picture in my mind of my first day at school, Landor House, the blue door and the friends I made, my first desk and classroom.  Those memories stay with us and are the foundation for our life journey and business career.  During my time at King’s High I remember the variety of learning opportunities and the friendship with the ‘old girls’ I am still in contact with.  I remember the fun during home science and cookery classes, to gymnastics, athletics and hockey games.  I remember getting my ‘Posture’ badge at school and am amazed to think I now teach Pilates exercise focusing on body posture, alignment and core strength!  Perhaps that foundation was set all those years ago.  I enjoyed music and playing the violin and remember the days playing in the school orchestra on the stage.  A skill my daughter is now pursuing as she learns the violin. I am delighted that KHS gave me such a solid and strong foundation.

King's High also instilled in me self-belief and a passion to strive to do any job to the best of my ability, remembering to ask for help when required.

The advice I’d give to current King’s High girls is - go with your instinct, listen to your heart and strive to do everything well.  Over the years I have made many errors of judgement personally and professionally, but from them I have become a stronger individual with the ability to bounce back ready for the next opportunity that may unfold”.


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