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Alex Muldoon - 'Old Girl'

My advice to current King’s girls would be enjoy yourself at school but also think about want you want to do in the future.

I have very happy memories of King’s, especially Sixth Form.  Although it was hard work there was always a sense of fun and the teachers always supported and encouraged us to do well.

After leaving King’s I went to Durham University to study International Relations.  I knew I wanted to work in something government related so also tried so secure some varied work experience, including working on an American election campaign, working for an MP and working for a charity. When I graduated I got a job working for HM Treasury.  My first job there was as the Policy Advisor for UK currency which gave me responsibility for managing The Royal Mint's production of UK coins and oversight of the Bank of England's banknote operations.  It was a very unique role and I got to lead on some very high profile work including the introduction of the new £1 coin!

I am now working as a Private Secretary in a ministers office at the Treasury, helping to develop government policy on a range of issues. The Exchequer Secretary covers a wide range of policy including UK productivity, digital policy, energy, transport tax and trade policy. My role is to help advise the minister on these areas of policy and work with the department to develop policy for my minister and ultimately the Chancellor. 

My advice to current King’s girls would to enjoy yourself at school but also think about want you want to do in the future.  Don't worry if you have no idea about what you want to do but getting work experience in any area is always a good idea, as it shows you have motivation and determination. There are always lots of transferable skills that you can show off in job applications and CVs. Always make the most of any opportunity you have, but make sure you also have fun along the way!  Be proactive. Good opportunities will rarely just present themselves to you so you have to go looking for them. Don't be afraid to send people an email to show your interest or ask for advice.