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King's High celebrates Biology Week

Girls from Years 7-11 have celebrated Biology Week with all the energy and vigour of cells dividing… Biology Week is an initiative of the Royal Society of Biology, and King’s High’s Biology Department and pupils packed the week with a series of fascinating events -  from performing dissections, to a Year 8 Natural History scavenger hunt round the whole school, quizzes, and competitions, culminating in an Inspire trip to Oxford Botanic Gardens and Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Years 9 and 10 enjoyed a wonderful interactive workshop with Medical Mavericks, who brought a mini hospital into school. The girls took blood from a (fake) arm, recorded, and printed out, their own ECG, looked inside their bodies with an ultrasound machine, took pictures of the inside of their eyes, and performed key-hole surgery…  Medical Mavericks gave the girls a great insight into career options available in the NHS (complete with useful facts on entry requirements and salaries), and highlighted some lesser known careers, such as healthcare science, medical engineering, medical physics, physiology, bioinformatics and more.