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'King's High is shooting for the stars' - Tatler Schools Guide 2020 review

King’s High and Warwick Prep School is featured in the Tatler Schools Guide 2020. Tatler Schools, an impartial Guide, lists the best independent schools in the UK. Explaining the selection criteria, Tatler states: ‘Schools are not just chosen for their league table busting results or their world class facilities (although these are closely looked at), but to go into the Tatler Schools Guide they must offer the whole package – holistic pastoral care, a focus on character education as much as pure academics, and the ability to accommodate and nurture all their pupils, resulting in well educated, but most importantly, happy children.’ 

The Guide highlights King’s High’s impressive academic record and ‘brand new state of the art facilities,’ including ‘the spacious central quad, a suite of science labs, and the shared social and work space’ of the shared Sixth Form with Warwick School.  

The Guide writes:  ‘At King’s High it’s ‘cool to be clever,’ according to one delighted student, but there is more to the school than league tables.  When it comes to extra-curricular activities, the school is shooting for the stars.  The Inspire programme is another outstanding feature. One parent explains ‘In her first term, my daughter went on a trip to the University of Oxford, had a lecture from a polar explorer, and took part in a workshop with an England Women’s cricketer’.’  

This follows on from the Good Schools Guide review, which states: 'King's High is carefully crafting a heady brew for the girls of absolutely top academic aspirations, endless opportunities to develop passions outside of the classroom and a focus on actions that will ground them in the real, inclusive world.’