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Sparking students' imagination: Sixth Form Extended Projects

Sixth Form EPQ subjects this year include: The Bilbao Effect, Feminism in Rural Northern India, Music in Soviet Russia, Prison Welfare, Addictive Personalities, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Trojan Horse Therapy, the Japanese Language, the Human Rights Act, the Romanovs, and the Rock Music Industry. 

Twenty-five Lower Sixth girls planned, researched, and presented their 5000 word Extended Projects.   The Extended Project Qualification – or ‘EPQ’ as it is known – is worth half an A Level, and forms an important part of UCAS applications each year.  This year’s projects are:

How far has the Human Rights Act of 1998 limited modern UK anti-terror legislation and its application in the period 2001-2019? – Megan

To what extent has the Feminist movement in rural northern India affected the number of reported crimes of honour based violence? – Faatima

Which newly constructed Gothic Revival building had the most influence on London society in the 19th Century? – Jade

To what extent is Trojan Horse Therapy an improvement on intraventricular and intrathecal injections when treating neurodegenerative diseases? – Maddie

Which factor of the English Renaissance caused the Germanic roots of the English language to become obscured? – Erin

How effective was control of music in the authoritarian societies of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany? – Emma

How similar are the causes of the 1929 Wall Street crash and the 2008 US housing market crash? – Emily

How did Churchill, Stalin and Truman use persuasive techniques within their speeches to motivate their people at the end of World War Two? – Maya

Is it possible that the Romanov family, especially Anastasia Romanov, survived the massacre of 1918? – Eloise

To what extent is there such a thing as an Addictive Personality? – Zoe

How do Dickens’s childhood experiences affect the presentation of children and the working class in Hard Times and A Christmas Carol? – Matilda

To what extent do Bastoy Prison (Norway) and HM Prison Wakefield conform to the HM Inspectorates of Prisons report on expectations for prison welfare? – Alice

Is genome editing, such as CRISPR, the answer to all cancer related problems? – Stacie

How ethical is the Bangladesh-based production of clothing to be sold in Britain? – Connie

What factors contribute to the absence of female performers and behind-the-scenes professionals in the rock music industry? – India

Which immunotherapy technique has the greatest potential in the treatment of cancer? – Cecilia

How can sustainable architecture ensure the inhabitants of the Funafuti island have a continued existence I the face of severe rising sea levels? – Rohini

How far can architectural design deal with the physical constraints of building habitable structures on Mars? – Amber

Which of three primary treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis is the most efficacious with consideration of the rate of recovery; symptom management; financial implications, and risk? – Charlotte

The role of the Basal Ganglia in causation of Tourette’s Syndrome – Isabella

Assess the extent to which Thomas Cromwell and Leon Trotsky conform to Machiavellian principles on leadership? – Sam

Can paranormal phenomena be explained by natural occurrences? – Emily

How is the architecture of the Bilbao museum a factor of the Bilbao effect? – Rhianwen

What are the pros and cons of the NHS charging people for the treatment of smoking-related illnesses? – Elukchiha

Has the Japanese language adapted to accurately reflect the modern gender-related social hierarchy in Japan? - Holly