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Team Utopia through to UK National Finals of Young Enterprise!

‘Our aim is to educate young people about our world and the environment in order to bring about awareness, and therefore behavioural change’ - Utopia Enterprise 

We are incredibly proud of all our Young Enterprise teams, and absolutely delighted to report that, following their success in the regional competitions, Utopia Enterprise are through to the Young Enterprise UK Finals!   

We think their product, Wildlife Wanderers, is an absolute knock-out. It is a really fun, interactive family wildlife board game - beautifully made, 100% sustainable.  Players act out physical traits of endangered animals (‘Sea turtles cluck and whine’), while other players guess which animal and learn about their behaviour and plight.  A classic game in the making? We think so, and hope you will join us in getting behind Team Utopia.  Do take a look at their slick website below: there’s a great Kids Zone, weekly updates, and the Art Team’s artwork is a delight.  You can find them on Instagram and follow their progress at @utopiaenterprise.  You can also place an order for the game (£15) using the link below:

Wildlife Wanderers Order Form

Utopia Enterprise Website

The girls have worked like true entrepreneurs, showing resilience, determination, initiative, a willingness to take risks and 'follow their gut instincts'. They not only received huge praise from the judges but also truly epitomise the King's High motto of 'Aspire, Achieve, Enjoy'. Their idea for a sustainably produced, family board game, which educates young children about endangered species from four very different habitats; the Arctic, Desert, Rainforest and Sea, uses all sustainably sources materials, even down to the spray paint. The board was then handcrafted by the girls.

The girls had to overcome many challenges; Covid -19 initially prevented them from manufacturing their product and taking the next steps. However, the girls displayed fantastic spirit, rose to the challenge and excelled! They are now looking to further develop their product through digital channels and patent the game, as well as exploring retail sales channels. 

We asked Utopia to give a brief overview of their company:  

‘We believe all life is precious, so strive to enlighten the younger generation about the value of wildlife and the imminent threat of their endangerment. Our aim is to educate young people about our world and the environment in order to bring about awareness, and therefore behavioural change. This interactive format will enable learning to be associated with enjoyment from an early age. Wildlife Wanderers' inclusive nature allows friends and families to bond. 
Wildlife Wanderers is a sustainable, educational and interactive board game which uses colourful counters which allows you to travel around the wilderness with each roll, while learning about high risk species that are on the brink of extinction. Depending on the habitat colour you land on, you get a type of endangered animal you will have to act out in order for your teammates to guess.’