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Wildlife Conservation & Sustainability Society: saving birds from poaching

In celebration of UN World Wildlife Day, King’s High’s Wildlife Conservation & Sustainability Society are inviting  Foundation schools pupils and their families to join a Teams talk,  streamed live from Belize, on Wednesday 3 March at 4.30pm.  Please see the attachment below for more details.  For pupils and their families beyond King’s who are interested, please email to sign up.   

Rachel from our Wildlife Society gives some background on Nikki Buxton of Belize Bird Rescue:  

'Nikki Buxton, along with her partner Jerry Larder, own and operate a private rescue and rehabilitation centre in Belize, Central America: Belize Bird Rescue. 
Shortly after their arrival in Belize in 2003, Nikki and Jerry raised and released a pair of poached red-lored nestlings (Amazona autumnalis). They realized that the survival of Belizean parrot populations was becoming severely threatened by the local pet trade and, putting their retirement plans on hold, they began to build on these accidental foundations of their rehabilitation programme, returning parrots and other birds to the wild.’