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Our students share wellbeing tips on lockdown learning with parents everywhere for digital parenting magazine

Some of our Wellbeing Ambassadors were asked to contribute to a feature on ‘How to help your child in 2021’ for parenting digital magazine, Muddy Stilettos, for Children’s Mental Health Week.  Wellbeing is an integral part of day-to-day life at school, and we have some 150 Wellbeing Ambassadors, who have trained with the Diana Award Charity.  They help promote wellbeing at King’s with terrific energy, ideas and inspiration.   

We are very proud of our students’ offering! We share some of their tips below, and you can read the full piece in Muddy Stilettos here 

‘You should know that this isn’t a troubleshooting guide to teenagers. We don’t have an on/off button. I’m not going to tell you ‘how to get your child to study’. There’s enough information on that already, but instead I’m going to tell you how to support your child, whether they’re a keen studier or not. Be the respite from your child’s studying. Show them that they are enough. Take cues from your children. Some kids will want to talk, some won’t. Please support either. Please, be a parent, not a teacher.’ - Izzy 

‘Step away from the screen when you can.’ - Pirasha 

‘Parents, have lunch with your children and ask them what they did in their lessons. Pupils, remember to interact with your peers in lessons by switching on your microphone, or turning on your camera, because being social is necessary.’  - Henrietta