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King's Creative Mathematical Challenge

In December, we gave all our students the opportunity to take part in our King’s Creative Mathematical Challenge. This involved producing an academic poster on an area of Mathematics that they had researched themselves. There were many entries, all of which were commended as truly outstanding pieces of independent work.

With a huge range of topics from the Four Colour Theorem to the Mandelbrot Set, Year prizes were awarded to Katie and Charlotte (Y7), Charlotte, Emma, Emily, Sahana, Sofia, Maisie, Alice and Gai (Y8), and Amelia, Polly and Meha (Y9).

Four girls have been awarded Head’s Commendations.

  • Polly (Y9) for her work entitled “Can you hear the shape of a drum?”
  • Amelia (Y9) for a superb explanation of Triangular Numbers
  • Charlotte (Y8) for her beautifully presented work on the history of Pi
  • Sahana (Y8) for a truly inspired piece on Ramanujan’s Magic Square

How fantastic that our girls are so willing to give up their time to think creatively about their Mathematics. We are very proud of each and every one of them.