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Girls create memories of King’s to take to our new King’s High School

As the stunning new King's High School building rises on the Myton Road campus, girls are busy working on their own projects -  Project Aura, the Birthday Project – to preserve, in all kinds of imaginative ways, memories of the historic King’s site, that they will bring to their new King’s High, when the exciting first phase of Project One Campus comes to fruition for September 2019.  

As part of Inspire (our Enrichment programme, that offers ideas and opportunities beyond the Curriculum), girls completed a project – Capturing King’s - that celebrates King’s High in any chosen medium.  Dr Phil Seal, who leads Inspire, says: ‘It's been wonderful to see the girls’ creativity. We have had poems, music, films, paintings, essays, models and even cross-stitch. They really are a resourceful bunch! Their work will be used as part of Project Aura, which will preserve memories of King’s for the future.’