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The Swan Youth Orchestra launched for musical pupils across Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull

Orchestra of the Swan have launched the Swan Youth Orchestra in partnership with Warwick Schools Foundation and the Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Music Hubs; open to all music pupils in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull that have ensemble experience and are working at Grade 6 and above.

The Swan Youth Orchestra builds on and from the established CWS Regional Youth Orchestra and aligns with the establishment of the new Regional Music Hub arrangement. The Swan Youth Orchestra will complement existing weekly Band & Orchestral opportunities currently provided by each Music Hub. Purposely designed on a course basis rather than that of weekly rehearsals, the Youth Orchestra will enhance, complement and enrich existing opportunities provided by each Music Hub and other private providers. The Swan Youth Orchestra will involve two weekend courses a year; developed in response to a growing need, especially amongst more advanced learners, for short, intensive course-based opportunities rather than weekly rehearsal commitments. The Youth Orchestra aims to act as a progression route - such as moving on to the National Youth Orchestra - and provide a foundation upon which long-term involvement with excellent orchestral experiences can be built.

The Swan Youth Orchestra’s fruition is the result of partnerships across the region: the three regional hubs, Warwick Schools Foundation and Orchestra of the Swan.

Warwick Schools Foundation is proud to be the home of the Youth Orchestra; our outstanding musical facilities, including Warwick Hall and the King’s High Music Auditorium, will provide a place for the Youth Orchestra to meet, practice and perform; helping to facilitate music-making of the highest quality. This aligns with both the mission of Orchestra of the Swan and Warwick Schools Foundation to provide a centre of musical excellence for real-life, unique orchestral experiences that is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain for many children across the country. The Foundation is also extending its current partnership with the Warwickshire Music Hub by supporting a core group of Swan players to mentor the children involved. The Swan Youth Orchestra will also see a guest conductor to appear – funded by the Warwickshire Music Education Trust - which the children can analyse and learn from.

The first guest conductor of the orchestra will be Australian conductor Matthew Coorey. Having previously worked with the Australian Youth Orchestra, Coorey’s involvement with the Swan Youth Orchestra further develops his involvement with young people in the orchestral space. Coorey has also previously appeared with the likes of the London Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra; resulting in a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. His involvement, along with the chance to experience and work with a professional orchestra, only acts to heighten the value of this unique opportunity for our pupils and all other pupils across Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.

The launch of the Youth Orchestra is synonymous with both the Orchestra of the Swan and Warwick Schools Foundation’s belief that excellent music opportunities should be accessible to all pupils. With the aim of increasing accessibility to this opportunity, financial assistance is also available to some applicants on the basis of a means tested application.

Debbie Jagla, Managing Director at Orchestra of the Swan, said of the Youth Orchestra launch:

“Giving equal opportunity in terms of orchestral music provision to all musical pupils is hugely important to Orchestra of the Swan. This is enabled through our valuable partnerships with the Warwick Schools Foundation and regional music hubs, helping us to bridge this gap in a way that ensures both quality and consistency of delivery at both primary & secondary level.  Our aim is that participation in the Swan Youth Orchestra will become an aspirational achievement for those wishing to take their instrumental talent to the next level, led by internationally acclaimed professional musicians.  We hope school pupils across Warwickshire will embrace this opportunity!”

Richard Nicholson, Principal of Warwick Schools Foundation, echoed this sentiment:

“We are delighted to be partnering with our regional Music Hubs and the Orchestra of the Swan to support this outstanding opportunity for pupils in the area. The potential this new youth orchestra offers is outstanding. Working with exceptional tutors and conductors, pupils will have world-class orchestral experiences, home-grown here in the Midlands. 


Warwick Schools Foundation is delighted to be part of this transformational opportunity for young musicians.


We strongly encourage all musical pupils across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire, including our pupils at King's High, to get involved in this fantastic opportunity.

To find out more about the Youth Orchestra, or if you would like to express an interest in signing up, please go to the following page: