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Pura Vida, Costa Rica

From lush rainforests to stunning coastlines, the 'Rich Coast' truly lived up to its name during our Easter trip to Costa Rica, where our students explored the unparalleled natural beauty with our Modern Foreign Languages department.

Pura Vida - meaning 'Pure Life' - defined our experience, embracing the positive and laid-back attitude of Costa Rican culture.

Here's what one of our students, Shaan, had to say about this amazing trip:

'During the Easter holidays, students from Year 9 to Upper Sixth visited Costa Rica for a Spanish trip, lead by Mrs Montiel. The trip was an amazing, eye-opening experience in which we undertook a range of different activities, from white water rafting to zip-lining over the Cloud Forest.

'Throughout the trip, we faced countless Costa Rican wildlife, such as talking parrots who responded back to us by saying 'hola', white-faced monkeys on the beach who were well known as trained pickpockets, and even tarantulas on our guided night walk in the rainforest.

'Our understanding of the Spanish language came to great use when talking to locals and quickly became part of our daily routine, especially when we would sing Spanish songs on our long bus journeys. The weather was in our favour, with the sun being out all day, which meant we could enjoy our time swimming, especially when we visited Baldi Hot Springs, and when we had a whole day at the breathtaking beach which was part of the Manuel Antonio National Park.

'Our tour guides showed us Costa Rica’s unique characteristics which we would not have experienced if it wasn’t for them. Overall, on behalf of everyone, I can say that this trip was one of a lifetime and the memories and friendships that we have made from it will never be forgotten.'

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