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LAMDA Showcase 2024

LAMDA remains popular at King's High, with over 180 pupils currently studying a range of LAMDA qualifications in Shakespeare, Verse and Prose, Acting, Reading for Performance and Speaking in Public.

LAMDA helps pupils develop practical and transferable skills, ranging from confidence, public speaking, reading, and analysing texts, through to technical skills, such as voice production. The later ‘medal grades’ complement and run alongside the GCSE and A Level Drama courses, both in terms of content and skills, giving additional UCAS points for university.

Most of our pupils have undertaken LAMDA Examinations recently, and it has been a pleasure to see such a high standard of work being performed. Our LAMDA evening's selective programme provided an exciting insight into the diverse range of texts our full cohort have explored.

This year we saw a notable increase in the number of students choosing to perform pieces drawn from the works of such literary figures as Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. The Company’s introduction to the LAMDA performances focused on a number of the themes prevalent in all of these works, such as the roles we play in society and how we may or may not be defined by our social status and family history. Through this introduction, the Company explored how the use of language and societal roles have changed since the plays were originally written.

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