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Carina Yew-Booth - 'Old Girl'

Former King’s High School student 'Old Girl' Carina Yew Booth, of 1368 (Warwick and Leamington Spa) Squadron has recently been named as the top female cadet in the Central and East Region of the Air Training Corps. 

“The personal support from all the staff at King’s meant I was able to follow the path I aspired to have.  It was a great big family where everyone wanted to help you succeed.

I have always wanted to be in the Royal Air Force and the staff at King's really helped me aim towards that ambition.  A careers talk was held at school which provided really good insight and there were also plenty of staff with a military background at school whom I could seek first hand advice from.

I joined the Air Cadets whist at school, as this is a good first step towards the Royal Air Force and gives you a great insight into whether a career with them is right for you. I knew I wanted to go to University and I knew I wasn't ready to leave Air Cadets behind so managing both activities was something I knew I wanted to try and make work and fit together.  King’s really encourages and supports all girls to participate in extra curricular interests and the various benefits this provides is apparent in so many ways, from health and wellbeing, new experiences and skills to simply getting a break away from A Level study.

As I’m at University and an active member of the cadets it is of course a challenge to balance both.  However, I think if you're passionate about whatever you pursue, you can make it work. Cadets is not a chore to me, it's a lifestyle, not a 'job' and I love it.

I’m currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. Once I graduate in 2020, I hope to go to RAF Cranwell for my Officer training and then become a Junior Engineering Officer in the RAF.

Apart from being in the RAF I want to be able help others and teach, perhaps educating young people on the RAF or teaching my skillset to others in the workplace. If I had to pick a different career it would probably be in some kind of education or teaching role.

King's has taught me to be resilient and to always listen to other people's advice.  There were so many times at school where teachers would give me the advice I didn't want to hear, however upon reflection it was pretty much, without exception, sound advice.  Since leaving King's I've always listened and taken on board other's advice - people want to help you succeed, not hold you back.  That's a big lesson I learnt at King's, especially in the Sixth Form.

The advice I’d give to current King’s girls is to use all the support around you - staff and students! Your teachers have more life experience than you and really do know what they're on about, and your friends, well they just want you to do well and be happy too!”