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Our Stories- current and 'Old Girls'

Our Stories

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  • Gemma Whelan - 'Old Girl'

    Published 01/07/19

    Actor - Game of Thrones, Up-Start Crow, The Moorside

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  • Meg - Head of House

    Published 05/11/18

    I have been at King’s since the start of Lower Sixth and I think King’s is special because of the teacher’s attitude towards their specific subject. I think the teachers go above and beyond for us all at King’s, giving up their lunch times to meet with us or after school to help with essays or catch up; they really do put us first. Not only this but their passion towards their subject really shines through in their lessons which I believe helps massively when it comes to learning; if they are excited about teaching their subject it actually makes you even more excited and motivated to learn smartly.

    King’s has allowed me to explore deeper into my subjects with the support and fantastic knowledge of the teachers, alongside my own independent research. This is something which I believe you would get nowhere else. Having the time to do extra research and have classroom debates/chats with your teachers is a part of King’s which I think no other school would allow you to do. The relationship with your teachers is hugely important, especially when you get to Sixth Form, so being able to sit in the common room, or at form time and chat about our subjects allows your understanding and further knowledge to expand. This is an aspect of school/Sixth Form life which many other schools would not offer and would not allow time for which in effect means you lose the relationship with your teachers and your subjects more.

    If you are considering Sixth Form at King’s, I would advise you to come to Open Evenings, Sixth Form events, Taster Days because it will allow you to get a feel of what King’s Sixth Form is really like – in my opinion it feels very much like a home away from home! Do talk to the teachers to find out about the subjects you may be choosing before you rush into any decisions; they will give you the best advice for you and your future goals. Don’t panic, don’t rush your decisions, just do what is best for you!

    The Sixth Form at King’s has such an amazing atmosphere; it is full of laughter, hard work and great fun whilst working to achieve your best at the end of Upper Sixth. There is tea, toast, great lunches but most importantly (of course!) endless support for you and your individual needs. This is one aspect of the Sixth Form which really caught my eye when I first looked around and spoke to the teachers.

    I am planning to go on to university after this final year at King’s. I will hopefully be studying Primary Education at either Leeds Beckett or York St John with my further aspirations being to specialise in special needs or to become a head of department in a school (or even both!).

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  • Eleanor - Prefect

    Published 05/11/18

    The thing that makes King’s so unique is the number and type of opportunities we are given; aside from the huge number of extra curricular activities available, King’s offers some amazing trips. I have been lucky enough to travel to France, Iceland, Italy and India with my friends and made incredible memories. On the India trip of Summer 2018 we spent a week volunteering in a school for underprivileged children. It was the single best thing I have ever done: teaching over 50 students ages 4-5, in a language they don’t speak. Being able to give back and awarding these children with opportunities that never would have been available to them without us and our fundraising was an absolutely magical feeling.

    I’d say to any girls considering joining Sixth Form at King’s - the school as a whole is so welcoming and friendly. While it may seem daunting because the cohort is so tight, you will become part of a family that genuinely cares about you.

    After King’s I plan to read Engineering at university before joining the Army as a Royal Engineer and working in Disaster Relief.

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  • Davina - Head of House

    Published 03/11/18

    The class sizes at King's in the Sixth Form are relatively small starting at around six students to nine in a class. This allows the student to get more direct one to one help from their teacher and also means that the teachers have a more intimate knowledge of the student allowing them to write the best references possible when it comes to applying to university. There is a wonderful array of clubs and extra-curricular activities available here in which you can partake. These activities can help you make friends with students in different year groups. I found that participating in drama club and productions has allowed me to have some really amazing friends in the years below. In the Sixth Form we have lots of support from our teachers when it comes to your UCAS application and writing your personal statement. We have our own personal statement tutors who will meet with you one on one and take you through your personal statement and help you to make it the best that it can be and I personally have found this to be very beneficial.

    At King’s we were fortunate enough to be involved in a live radio link up with the International Space Station. This was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life and I will never forget it. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in the joint senior school play with the boys' school of ‘Les Misérables’ and am currently rehearsing for our next play ‘A Laughing Matter’. Additionally, attending a dancing and physical theatre session offered by the school called Altiora every week is another one of the amazing opportunities that I have experienced at King’s. I also found that if you are not sure of what you want to do after Sixth Form, King’s give you so many opportunities to go to talks given by people qualified in their professions and bestow some insight into what it is they do.

    I would honestly say that King’s is one of the most welcoming and open schools regarding new students. As a new student into the Sixth Form I was treated with kindness and made aware that there is always someone available to offer you pastoral and educational support when you need it. I would also say moving to a new school or up a year into Sixth Form can be daunting but there is no need to be worried or scared as we aim to help everyone achieve their full potential. I am hoping to study medicine at university and look forward to seeing what the future will hold!

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  • Carina Yew-Booth - 'Old Girl'

    Published 05/06/18

    Former King’s High School student 'Old Girl' Carina Yew Booth, of 1368 (Warwick and Leamington Spa) Squadron has recently been named as the top female cadet in the Central and East Region of the Air Training Corps. 

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  • Gillian Burn - 'Old Girl'

    Published 19/03/18
       Gillian is an Author and Wellbeing Practitioner.     “Kings High provided the foundation for a varied and exciting career pathway.  It gave me the confidence to go for my dreams, even though I may not h
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  • Jess Jeetly MBE- 'Old Girl' 

    Published 10/01/18

    Is an entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Jeetly – a fashion brand for petite women.

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  • Alex Muldoon - 'Old Girl'

    Published 29/11/17

    My advice to current King’s girls would be enjoy yourself at school but also think about want you want to do in the future.

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  • Lt Cdr Jenna Kelway - 'Old Girl'

    Published 29/11/17
    I remember clearly the Open Day I attended at King's High before I sat the entrance exam.  King’s felt like a warm and happy place compared to some of the other schools I had visited, with girls enjoying learning and keen to
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  • Baroness Judith Jolly -'Old Girl'

    Published 29/11/17
    I have very happy memories of my time at school. I loved music at King's, the carol services and concerts at Birmingham Town Hall and the excellent teaching of the music teacher Miss Wallace. She taught us to sight read music at King&rs
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  • Sophie Turner - 'Old Girl'

    Published 29/11/17

    Aim to have a career doing something you love.  If you do, then success will follow.  Remember... passion breeds happiness!

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  • Ally - Senior Prefect

    Published 03/11/17

    For me, the thing that makes King’s such a special school, is the sense of community we have. The interactions between year groups such as through the house system and the Mothers and Daughters set up mean girls feel valued and comfortable with girls of all ages. Another aspect is the incredible range of activities, meaning there is something for absolutely everyone. This has enabled me to keep up both my sport and music to a very high standard, something which many schools can’t accommodate.

    The range of trips on offer is outstanding. I’ve been lucky enough to take part in many trips since I’ve been here including: sports tours to Barcelona and Jersey, geography trips to Iceland and the Azores and the sports tour to South Africa this summer which was without a doubt one of the highlights of my time at King's.

    I’d reassure anyone considering joining Sixth Form by telling them about how the Sixth Form team does all it can to ensure that new girls settle in as smoothly as possible. This ranges from the induction week at the end of Year 11, to the bonding trip at the beginning of Lower Sixth. Everyone is very welcoming, so there’s really no need to worry!

    After leaving King's I hope to study French and Spanish at Durham or Exeter. My main aspiration is to become fluent in both French and Spanish. After university, I would love to go travelling in South America where I will be able to make the most of my Spanish, and eventually I intend to live and work in a foreign country.

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