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Additional Charges (Mid Years)

After School Clubs

The co-curricular timetable is published towards the end of the Summer holiday.  Most of these activities are provided by our staff and older students and are therefore free of charge.  Some will be provided by external coaches and are charged activities.

Books and Equipment 

Text books are issued on loan to pupils and care should be taken to look after them. If books are lost or damaged a charge will need to be made. Pupils are required to have their own personal copies of a French and English dictionary and mathematical calculator. It is important that all pupils use the same approved calculators, so these are issued on entry and the charge will be added to your bill.  For some public examination courses, students require their own personal copy of a text. These books will be ordered by the School and parents billed after notification. 


A fob-based security system is used throughout the School’s premises. Your daughter will receive a digital key fob on a lanyard to access the School site. If your daughter loses her fob, a replacement charge of £10 is made. 

School lunches 

All Year 7 – 13 pupils have a school lunch. Please note that no refunds are made for lunches for pupils on study leave across the Foundation Schools. This is because the basis of the lunch charge calculation takes into account the duration that a child is at school and includes study leave periods. 

Optional Extras 

After school care 4.00pm – 6.00pm – cost to be raised for each hour (or part of an hour) for supervision for Key Stage 3 students whether your daughter is booked in or not. 

Field courses 

Field courses essential to or linked to the syllabus will take place from time to time, the costs of which are usually billed to parents. In cases of genuine financial hardship, the School will do its best to help and a letter marked confidential should be sent to the Head Master. 


Below are details of the insurance schemes which are available to you via the Foundation on the basis of the terms and conditions set by the insurers.  Please refer to the Policies page on the school website for full details of how to subscribe to one or more of these schemes King's High Warwick - Policies or on the Fees, Schemes and Insurances page.

Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance

This provides one-off payments in case of significant injuries which result in permanent disability or death and payments if dental treatment or hospital stays are required following an accident.  All pupils are automatically included in this scheme.  Our insurers will only offer this on an ‘all in’ basis and therefore all pupils are covered at no additional cost to parents.

Pupil Absence Insurance

The Foundation does not refund fees for days when a pupil is absent for any reason including ill health.  If your child is absent, no discount will be applied to your bill.  However, a scheme is available via our insurance broker which provides fee refunds in the event of the pupil having five or more days’ illness (usually consecutive).  We would also advise that in cases of highly serious health issues, the Foundation may consider assistance regardless of whether a parent has this insurance.

The cost is 0.8% of the termly fee (day pupils) or 0.6% (boarders) added to your termly bill (i.e. the basic termly fee you pay before any extras).

Pupils’ Private Healthcare Scheme

Private medical cover is provided with AXA PPP Healthcare.  Please see the brochure (available on our website) for more information or visit

The cost is £126.00* per term added to your termly bill.  *Fees include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%

Pupils’ Personal Possessions Insurance

The Foundation’s general insurances includes only a limited form of cover with claim value limit of £250 subject to the claimant having no other relevant insurance in place. Therefore, this scheme is provided offering cover to the value of £7,500. Warwick School Boarders may particularly want to consider this. You may wish to talk to your home insurance provider before deciding whether you wish to take out this cover.

The cost is £10.00* per term added to your termly bill.  *Fees include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%


Please consider arranging Disruption to Income Cover.  Insurances are available to provide cover in case the fee payer’s income is disrupted, for example, through redundancy or long-term illness.  The Foundation’s insurers do not provide such a scheme, but you can make your own arrangements through other providers and we would strongly advise parents to do so.

Music Lessons 

Individual music lessons are billed in blocks of ten. The fee for instrumental and theory lessons is £290 per term of 10 lessons. This figure is revised annually and fees are payable in advance. 30 lessons are provided each year and term lengths will dictate how many lessons can be offered per term. There are 24 lessons per year during the public exam years: 11 and 13  (see Music section for more information on what is available). One term's full notice to cease music lessons is required. Music lessons are on a rota to avoid missing the same curriculum lessons.

Instrument hire 

Some instruments are also available to hire from the school to facilitate individual music lessons. Hire fees are £45.70 per term (although harps attract a £75.00 - £95.00 charge per term). These figures are revised annually. 

One full term’s advance notice, in writing, is required in order to discontinue either Music or LAMDA lessons.   

LAMDA Lessons 

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) lessons are £290 per lesson per 10 lessons, billed in arrears, over the academic year. Twelve lessons in the Autumn Term, ten lessons in the Spring Term, eight lessons in the Summer Term (see LAMDA Section for more information). LAMDA lessons are on a rota to avoid missing the same curriculum lessons.

LAMDA Examinations 

Parents will be billed for the cost of LAMDA Examinations and if a student decides not to take an exam after the entries have been submitted, they will still be charged. 

LAMDA notice period and availability 

Due to the high numbers of students taking LAMDA lessons, we cannot guarantee that there will be a session available when pupils begin in September. We aim to include every pupil who applies, but if there are no places at the time of applying, pupils will be placed on a waiting list until there is availability. Please complete the LAMDA Lesson Request Form (in the LAMDA section) if you would like your daughter to have lessons. Please note that if you wish them to cease you must give a term's notice in writing to the Mrs Mills, Head of LAMDA. For example, to discontinue lessons at the end of the Autumn Term, notice must be received by the last day of the previous Summer Term. Please note: Year 7 pupils cannot cease lessons until the end of the Spring Term. 

Refunds cannot be made for lessons missed by the pupil concerned. Where teachers are absent, every effort is made to re-schedule the missed lesson as soon as possible. Sometimes, it is necessary for two lessons to be given in one week and, sometimes, with another partner. If a pupil misses a lesson because of an activity scheduled by the school, this lesson can only be re-scheduled if at least two weeks’ notice is given to the LAMDA Teacher. If a pupil misses their catch-up session, without valid reason, then another will not be offered.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)  

The Head of Learning Support and SEND, oversees various Learning Support sessions for students and this also includes the King’s bespoke ‘Boost Programme’ of in-school tutoring. We also have authorised Educational Psychologists and Specialist Assessors, who carry out specific formal assessments as required. Please contact Mrs Harris for more information.

Co-curricular activities 

A number of paid for co-curricular activities are on offer termly to pupils, and parents, of those interested, are required to sign up their daughters. The co-curricular website lists all these activities, and details of your log-in will be sent to you in advance of September. The majority of co-curricular activities are free; however, where a charge is made, it will be clearly shown; the amount varies depending on the activity. Some activities require a term’s notice to be given for discontinuation (see Co-Curricular activities section for additional information). 

Educational Trips 

For all educational trips costing less than £20, consent has already been given by signing the acceptance form (agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Parents’ Contract). This enables the School to deliver a lively, flexible curriculum and reduces the amount of paperwork for parents to complete. For all trips where the educational visit costs more than £20, or requires overseas travel, or an overnight stay, or occurs during a weekend or school holiday, or involves some element of high risk or adventure activity, the School will send out separate paperwork and consent forms. Please can all parents ensure that if their daughter’s medical situation changes, they do inform us.